Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Guilt!

We have enough to feel guilty about these days, don't we? Not spending enough time with our families. Not getting enough rest. Not sending out Christmas cards. Egad. Don't let the fact you put an extra helping of potatoes on your plate, do you in.

Don't ever beat yourself up for the food choices you made yesterday or even earlier in the day. It's very easy to decide that because you had a huge slice of
cherry pie at lunch with a girlfriend, you might as well go ahead and blow the rest of the day. Don't fall prey to the tapes in your head that say you're never going to accomplish this. You WILL. You simply have to want it enough to stick with it. And that means every day. It's a battle we are waging. Some days we fail, some days we win. Tomorrow you'll start fresh. Every day you get to say that. A chance to do it better, make it right. How often do we get to do THAT in our lives?

And speaking of pie, if you really, really want it, go ahead and have a small piece. Better that, than eating everything else in the kitchen in an effort to find an alternative. Because you know what happens. There just is no substitute for PIE! You won't be satisfied with anything else you have and then you'll go ahead and eat the pie anyway! So, figure the calorie content of the pie, as best you can, (that's where the calorie counter book comes in,) and write it down on your food list, adding the amount into your daily calorie intake.

What ever you do... if you've had an especially difficult time of it that day, over-indulging in something or everything, allow yourself 5 minutes for a pity party. You failed, yes, you're a horrible, awful, terrible human being, yeah, OK. And then take a deep breath, pick yourself up, and know that you will begin again and do better tomorrow. Guilt, and eating to fill that cavern inside us created by that guilt, is what makes us feel, what?, more guilt! Don't fall into that self-defeating cycle. You really can do this.

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