Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Word of Encouragement

It was one of those times today when I found myself having to eat out, because I couldn't get by with a nutrition bar, and not wanting to blow my calories for the day. A friend I had agreed to have lunch with wanted to stop at Luby's Cafeteria because they have a good variety of items and no matter your preference, something you like is usually available.

The problem of course, is that Luby's, like most chain eateries, isn't known for their low calorie items. At least they haven't been in the past. I'm pleased to say they now have a small grouping of items listed as The Lighter Side. These items are collected in a nice glossy brochure right there as you get your tray and silverware. Along with listing entrees, sides, salads, etc. they also give some tips on healthy eating.

For my lunch I selected the blackened tilapia for 270 calories, green beans at 92 calories, a roll at 130 and pineapple slices for 48 calories. It all tasted good and I was very satisfied when finished. In fact, I opted for a much lighter dinner this evening because lunch had filled me up!

It's just another sign that more restaurants are beginning to realize people want to know this information. Even if a popular item on the menu contains an obscene amount of calories, like Chili's "Awesome Blossom," (which I hear they're taking off their menu), customers want to know so we can decide for ourselves how much of something we might eat. Perhaps we'll order it anyway? Perhaps we'll make sure to share with 3 other people!

It's all about choice, but we have to have good information to go on. Hang in there.

Next entry: Having no guilt.

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