Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mind Games

Dieting is not about losing weight. It's about losing the idea that you don't deserve to look and feel good. That's where the fight begins. Somehow somewhere in our heads, we got the idea that we are not worthy of giving ourselves enough time or effort or love to improve. Respect yourself! If you don't, no one else will.

This is about you and what you want in life. You can't do this for anyone but you. Don't do this for your husband, your boyfriend, your mother, not anyone but you. You have to want this. I mean REALLY want this enough to bring forth the willpower you know you have within you. You are stronger than you think. This is a battle with the voices in our heads. Tell them off!

You do other things in life you really want to do, don't you? Why not this? Take your power back! When our minds refuse to rest, whispering in our heads that we have to sneak that piece of chocolate cake in the middle of the night, resist with the same intensity. Get angry about it if you have to. Don't let the negatives beat you. And be encouraged knowing you are doing a great thing for yourself. I guarantee you when you wake up the next morning knowing that you beat back those destructive desires the day or night before, you'll feel incredible about yourself. The empowerment that feeling gives you will help you continue doing this. And encouraging results on the scale, because they will happen, help it get easier.

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