Thursday, August 21, 2008

Motivation in Menopause

If you haven't gone through menopause yet, you're in luck. I hesitate to use the word 'easy' in talking about weight loss, but it's going to be easier for you to lose those 20-pounds now, then later. When we go through menopause, our bodies experience a number of changes. Besides the hot flashes and thinning hair, another major change, as if we didn't have enough, is that our metabolism slows down. The slower the metabolism, the fewer calories it takes to maintain our desired weight.

You can see how health experts even predict the need for fewer calories as we age, by going to the Calorie Control Council website,, and clicking on the weight maintenance calculator. Adjust the number in the 'age' box to see how your daily calorie needs change. The older the filled in age number, the lower the result for the calculated number of calories. It's disappointing, to be sure. It's just not fair that as we get older and have accomplished so much of 'life' at this point, that we don't get to enjoy a second helping of dessert! But there it is. No reward. Not in more food, anyway.

The good news is that if you haven't gone through that next stage of life yet, you have time to lose the weight now, getting slightly ahead of the game. If you've already gone through menopause, trying to lose that 20-30 pounds now is going to be very difficult. Doable, but difficult. Don't you deserve to look your best right now? Don't wait until 'one of these days' or 'next year' or '...after the kids graduate from high school or college.' Taking control of your life 'tomorrow' may never come. But without fail, our bodies will change whether we want them to or not. Let us be the ones to have a say in how much.

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