Monday, August 11, 2008

A Loss Is A Loss, Celebrate!

Nutritionists and other health experts, when talking about how much weight one should expect to lose in a week while dieting, usually say 1 to 2 pounds is normal. So when your scale shows you've only lost a 1/2 pound from the previous week, it can be very disconcerting and frustrating when you expected so much more.
Remember that everyone's body is different. And all sorts of things impact our weight loss, even when we're doing absolutely everything 'right:' eating fewer calories, eating healthier, not eating past 7pm, etc. Don't get discouraged! Focus on the fact that even at a half pound, it's still a loss! The trend is downward. That's what matters.
You might consider a couple of ways to see your progress at a glance, helping you note your shrinking body for a little more visual encouragement. I keep a calendar in my bathroom, one with the date squares large enough for me to write in. It's my health calendar and I keep all sorts of details about what's going on with my body, in particular, my weight. By writing down the number every day, I can see at a glance, not only how my weight compares today with yesterday's but also how it compares to a week or three weeks ago.

Another possibility is creating a graph. You can easily do it on the computer, or you can do it the 'old fashioned' way with actual graph paper taped to the door of your closet or somewhere you'll see it every day. Physically creating those little graph squares each day with your weight number, will help you see how you are progressing. If the trend is downward, celebrate. If it's on the same line for weeks, hang in there. If you're eating fewer calories, you will drop the weight. If the graph line goes up, try a little harder. It's just another helpful tool to keep it all in perspective.

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