Friday, August 15, 2008

Fall Fashions

I know, it's 140 degrees outside so who wants to think about wearing suits and sweaters? But the fact is, we are approaching that time of year. It will happen. In my part of the country, we're even getting a break from the heat today, waking up to rain and cool temperatures in the 60s, woo hoo! Plus, the catalogues and sale circulars with cold weather in mind are already arriving in the mailbox and the morning paper. So, taking advantage of today's weather change, and the positive attitude that brings, let's talk about what you'll be wearing on your new slimmer body this Fall!

Because you've worked so hard to lose every half pound, why add more weight by wearing bulky clothing? Sure you want to stay warm, but there are ways to do it that are more flattering than others. Shopping will be a lot more fun as you lose those extra pounds. Make your wardrobe reflect how hard you've worked!
Keeping the cooler weather in mind, go through your closet and jettison anything that will add bulk to you. That includes double-breasted suit jackets, thick cable knit or nubby-knit sweaters, anything with horizontal stripes, big plaids, big florals, and please get rid of cuffed slacks. The problem with these styles? They add bulk to your body. They give the illusion of more weight. I don't care if it's in your favorite color, or that your best friend gave it to you, (what friend would do that to you??), if it's not flattering, toss it!

That goes for jewelry, too. The trend right now is big jewelry. That's great, but instead of donning a collar of huge heavy stones around your neck, adding pounds to your face, choose one large piece on a chain or cord. That will add great style without making you look heavy.

Look at these two examples: The woman on the left is wearing a lovely single-breasted, Chanel jacket, (without lapels), in a small design.
The layered chain necklace gives her style without bulk. She looks put together. The woman on the right, is wearing a double-breasted, (adding bulk), nubby knit short jacket (which thickens her torso), with a thick fur collar, eliminating her neck! Nothing about this outfit flatters her. The only positive thing is the collar can be removed so she doesn't walk around with a thick neck all day, that's why I like scarves. But I don't think in this case, that's going to help.

When we want to feel slimmer, we sometimes tend to wear our clothes too tight. This only makes our futile attempts obvious to everyone else and it just doesn't work. A fitted nipped-in yet casual jacket over a pair of jeans or slacks works better to hide flaws and yet suggest slimness.

If you've been a few pounds overweight for awhile, as in years, you've probably been used to hiding in bulky shapeless clothing. The problem is that it has only made your figure look worse. You are important enough to lose the weight, and that means you're also important enough to pick out a few new pieces this season that will flatter your new shape and size. Take it slow. Visit websites like for tips on what to wear on your new shrinking frame! Wearing the right clothing can take 10 pounds off your figure without omitting one calorie! When you shop, look for flattering style in a slimming fabric first, then a good color. Do yourself that favor. You deserve it!

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