Thursday, July 3, 2008

Making It Through The Holidays

Happy 4th of July weekend! Yes, holiday weekends are difficult. Either you're headed to a party where there will be lots of food, or you're asked to bake a pie or cake to help celebrate, or perhaps you would just like to have a little something special on your own and that means indulging a bit more than usual. All of that is fine. And yes, when you're eating someone else's food, you have no idea what the calorie counts are. So the next best thing is to keep portions under control.

To do that, try to have some healthy food before going to a party. Fill up on fruits or healthy snacks and drink a tall glass of water before going. That will help you not feel famished when you walk in the door and head straight for the buffet.

Also, nothing is more boring to other people than hearing someone talk about dieting all the time. Especially if you're standing around the sweets table at a gathering! Don't do it. Select just a few tasty looking treats, offset them with some carrot sticks and find someone to chat up so you're not left bored and staring at cookies and cake on the table.

Once home, try to remember what you had and write it down on your daily food list. No, you don't know the calorie count. But you don't want to get out of the habit of keeping your food list. It's always good to see in black and white what you are eating even when it's party food.

Good luck and have a wonderful celebration of our nation's independence!

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