Friday, July 4, 2008

Clothing As Motivator

Most of us have clothes in our closets we can't or shouldn't try to get into anymore. But we can't bring ourselves to throw them out just yet. For years, I had several pieces left over from my 'skinny' days that I refused to get rid of. It wasn't the style I liked, who can stomach those 80s thigh-length "Dynasty" jackets with Joan Crawford shoulder pads? Or those high-waisted stove-piped jeans? No, it was about the mental battle I continued to wage.

Getting rid of those clothes before I could get back into them, made it seem like they had won! As if their presence hanging there had beaten me down. Once I lost the weight and could wear them again, I happily tossed them into the Goodwill bag. I had defeated them! I could freely give them up because it was my choice to do so, not because I couldn't wear them anymore.

It was and is a true victory. The very best feeling! You can have it, too. Keep going.

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