Monday, July 28, 2008

Colon Cleansing and Other Quickie Weight Loss Ideas

I heard a radio commercial this morning advertising a way to "quickly lose those remaining 25-30 pounds." One particular line of the ad targeted women saying something to the effect of, "If you're tired of trying to lose those same 10 pounds again and again..." blah, blah, blah. Then it went on to tout some kind of colon cleansing formula. The "basic" one month supply, not including tax and shipping, is about $100. bucks. A hundred bucks! And I feel certain, one month is not all they're going to encourage you to do.

You know, for an amount that probably costs less, (and that your insurance company will pay for because you're getting something healthy out of it), you could go in for a colonoscopy! Ever do one of those? The prep, a fast-acting laxative that absolutely cleans you out, is the best way I know to drop at least 8 pounds, instantly. And yes, I said 8 and not the 25-30 pounds this company is claiming. And believe me, with the colonoscopy prep, there is no chance there's anything left in there when the gastrointerologist gets ready to do his or her probe. Nothing 'clinging' to the walls of the colon like spackle as this ad claims. Sorry, don't mean to be disgusting, but the fact people will hear these pitches and blindly send in their money is also disgusting.

Don't be fooled into buying into these quickie weight loss ideas. If it happens overnight, yeah, your stomach will look flatter the next day or two, but you'll gain it all right back. It's not permanent and the only thing getting permanently lighter is your wallet. I'm not even sure it's that healthy for you to go through something like that on any kind of regular basis. A calorie is a calorie is a calorie. Eat more calories than you 'spend' in a day, and you're going to gain weight. Use up more than you take in, you're going to lose. And the slower you go about losing the weight, the more of an impression that eating change will make on you, leaving you with a better chance of keeping the weight off longer. Calorie counting puts you in control, no one and nothing else. It's empowering because you decide the outcome.

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