Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Something to Drink, Perhaps?

As I may well have stated here before, I really don’t like to drink water. Sure if I’m thirsty enough I’ll drink lots of it, but I have to be quite thirsty in order to want it. That’s not good as our bodies need lots of water to stay healthy and it also is a good way to fill us up when we think we’re hungry. In fact, some experts claim that sometimes when we think we’re craving something to eat, it’s really that our bodies are in need of water.

I could drink diet soft drinks, but all that carbonation isn’t good for bones. No, instead I’ve found a solution that not only gets me to drink more water, I enjoy it. It’s those to-go style drink mix-ins you may have seen in the water/fruit juice section of the market. Several manufacturers now have them: Crystal Light, Lipton, Wyler’s, Hawaiian Punch, I’ve even heard All Bran has got into the act, although I’ve not seen the product on the shelf.
Of those I’ve tried, however, my favorite is the Market Pantry brand. It’s Target’s brand. It comes in a red and white box, I think it tastes terrific and it’s generally cheaper than all the others. It’s also lower in calories than some, as it has none while Crystal Light has 5 calories per serving. You get two servings in a 16 oz bottle of water. The newest flavor of Market Pantry that I’m trying right now is grape. It’s really good!

If you’re already drinking plenty of water, that’s great, keep it up! But for some of us who need another arrow in our quiver to battle hunger, this can definitely help.


Iowa Girl said...

Water IS the best belly filler upper, even tho it is not the tastiest. I didn't realize all the different powders to add. I drink water--straight up--took me awhile to aquire it. Water is NOT as good as A & W root beer. Might try the Hawaiian Punch powder. A 74 ounce jug, from Wal-mart, sits on desk at work, filled with water. It's a challenge-yet it's gets emptied.

The Sugar Plum Fairy said...

Wow, Iowa Girl, you down 74 oz of water each day? I admire you! Pour off 8 or 16 oz of it sometime and swirl in a packet of powder. You might like it and it helps it go down so much easier. At least for me. :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great idea. I know a lot of people do not like water at all so this is a great alternative. However Something I've always wondered though is, is it as healthy as water once the powder is added? Does the body process it as though it is water?

The Sugar Plum Fairy said...

I have to admit, I've wondered the same thing! The ingredients list mentions things like Aspartame which I know concerns some people. (It doesn't particularly bother me.) But that's something you would need to decide for yourself. I weigh the fact that if I didn't have the flavorings, I wouldn't be drinking the water at all, or certainly less of it, so for me, it's the best choice. :)