Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hunger Brain!

The biggest battle most of us have who are trying to control our eating habits, isn’t with food, it’s with our brains. What goes on between the ears, that voice in our heads that says, well, gee that cookie was really good, I think I’ll have just one more and then yet another. It’s not about being hungry. It’s about that food to mouth feel when we crunch down, or the way the chocolate melts in our mouth, or the salt or sweetness on the taste buds. Sometimes it’s a matter of having something to do. We're bored, we're upset, we're facing things out of our control so we'll do something we can control, even temporarily, and that makes us feel good. Only problem is, compulsive overeating is as much an addiction as doing drugs. The fix feels good at the time, but the damage done makes things overall, even worse.

Distraction can actually be your friend in this regard, getting busy doing something else. I don’t care if you call a friend, straighten your office files, clean out the kitchen junk drawer, anything that will get your mind on something else long enough for that ‘itch’ in your head that’s telling you "Just one more piece of candy," to pass.

The eating battle is within us… between two separate people: the person who wants what they want when they want it, by golly, no matter the consequences, and the person who knows better and knows what’s best but also knows that most times logic won’t triumph until after the deed is done and we’re trying to figure out how not to do this next time. It’s a daily, sometimes hourly battle. Hang in there because when you DO triumph, when you do go to bed without late night overeating, it feels so terrific!

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