Friday, April 3, 2009

Finding Comfort Elsewhere

What comforts you? Oh, we all know food is at the top of our list! But what other thing comforts you? What makes you feel secure, warm and fuzzy – what other thing makes you feel nurtured and rejuvenated if not food? That is the thing you want to find.

As indicated in the previous entry on stress eating, we know that food is the one thing so many of us turn to first when we are feeling stressed or otherwise overwhelmed. But in the long run, it adds to our stress because the extra weight it creates gives us more to worry about!

The idea is to break that instinctive reach for food and instead replace it with a ‘reach’ for something else – the next best – and positive - thing. Whether it’s great art, crossword puzzles, or sex – replacing the automatic and thoughtless habit of eating, with something that can focus our attention elsewhere for that moment, can help interrupt that laser beam that draws us to the kitchen! The result just might be the same if not better sense of satisfaction that will in turn, better enrich our lives and fill our souls without over-filling our bodies.


Don's Girl said...

Agree with you 100%! I am an emotional eater. When stressed, it's easier to grab something quick for a quick rush and it's gone just as quick. Live and learn--that a sweet, juicy navel orange is a better filler than those Wendy french fries you THOUGHT you had to have. :)

The Sugar Plum Fairy said...

Hey there Don's Girl! Thanks for commenting. :) Yes, it pays to slow down and think about what we're grabbing. Plus that orange you mentioned takes time to relish, which in turn helps satisfy us more. Good job!