Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday Breakfast

Every Sunday morning after church, my husband and I enjoy going out to breakfast. A particular little diner, complete with the counter and stools, and waitresses who have made long careers of balancing plates along their forearms is a favorite stop. But a couple of weeks ago, some friends mentioned another place ‘up the road’ where we could get what they called an incredible breakfast. They said it’s so good there is always a long line of folks waiting to be seated, something neither my husband nor I wanted to endure. (There is seldom much of a wait at our regular haunt.) However, these friends assured us the line moved quickly and the cafĂ© boasted they could always seat people within 10 minutes of their arrival. We decided we would try it.

It was good. In fact it was very good. Being extremely familiar, read bored, with the menu from our regular little diner, it was a nice change to read some other choices. I ordered eggs with bacon and biscuits, as I have to admit I’m a buttermilk biscuit fan and wanted to see if they were the ‘real deal’ as in a flaky round of golden topped buttery goodness or these plain crumbly pull-apart squares that look more like weak dinner rolls that many places use as a ‘default’ side. I never order the biscuits at our regular diner for that reason. The 'new' place has the real thing, so it was a treat.

This week we decided to try it again. Being something new it was exciting to have more variety. But we were also feeling we needed to go a bit healthier this time. Checking the menu more closely for something we could order a la carte like a bowl of oatmeal or a 2-egg dish instead three, we came up short. There were no substitutions and no combination that could be considered remotely healthy. My husband, who has recently lost 20-pounds calorie counting said, “I don’t think I can eat like this every week.” “No,” I agreed, “we’ll have to save this for a special occasion.”

And so that’s the lesson here. It’s wonderful to go out and splurge now and then, to do something different, change the weekly rut. But it’s wise to make sure we don’t create any bad habits, somehow feeling entitled to a ‘reward’ that will in the end, cause us to regret those changes. Just going out to Sunday breakfast should be enough of a treat in itself. Eating all our daily allotted calories in a single meal isn’t.

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